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"I like it! It makes you think sideways" (Martin, Devon)
"This game is all about matching patterns and is deceptively simple to play. However, there will come a time when no way forward is obvious and then you will have to start thinking hard. With some mental agility, and maybe a little luck, a solution could become apparent as you try to rearrange the board map to your advantage. If you can't go, your opponents will benefit from your supply of counters." (Roger, Essex)
"In other games, like card games, when you think you can't go you give up; but with this game you work out how you CAN go. That's much better" (Martin, Devon)
"One of the great pleasures of the game is that it's so tactile. It's lovely to handle the coloured pieces and see the pattern grow" (Sheila, Glos)
"It's a good game, there's nothing else like this. I'd love to help introduce this game into school, it makes you think in different ways" (Danny, Devon)
"This is a really convivial way for people to come together. It's warm, colourful and you usually end up helping each other out!" (Ali, Devon)