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"An absorbing game that engages your brain whilst providing a kaleidoscope of changing patterns" (Hils. Glos.)

If you enjoy a thinking game, this is for you. It is a newly relaunched 1930s colour-puzzle game. The First Edition was launched as Manipulation before being re-named Changle. You add the tiles to the pattern to make squares of the same colour. Sometimes it's straightforward and sometimes you have to swap the tiles to create the right coloured spaces.

This is a colourful and engaging table game of skill that can be enjoyed by all ages from 8 years upwards. There are three levels of difficulty with many customers enjoying simply working out how to fit all the tiles to the pattern; a challenge that invariably involves swapping tiles around to make spaces of the required colour combination. When playing competitively there is an accessible and faster moving Foundation level game and a more advanced Higher level game. The box contains 63 sturdy cardboard tiles in bold, contrasting colours, bean counters and instructions for the Foundation and Higher level games.

This game has been enjoyed by solo players, by collaborative players, or by 2 to 4 competitive players. When you play competitively you will need to use counters for scoring.

The box contains dried beans (for aesthetic and ecological reasons) to be used as counters.You may have your own collection of pleasurable objects like shells, flattish beads or buttons that you'd like to use as counters instead. We are proud to say that the game has been made in Britain.

We welcome feedback on any aspect of Changle. Please use the contact details on this website.

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